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Untracked Shipping

$2.00 CAD

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Introducing a more affordable way to snag my art! With how expensive tracked shipping can be, this option may work better for you.

IMPORTANT: Any orders shipped without tracking are not eligible for a refund or having products resent due to the order not being delivered. Use this at your own discretion.  

How to Order:
Simply select if you want Art Stickers, Small Prints or both as well as the quantity. I will email you to follow up, but to avoid my email ending up in your spam feel free to reach out to me either by email or Facebook with which stickers/prints you'd like!

Please note that colours may appear differently from screen to in person. I do my best to match the colours to the original, but be aware that it could look slightly different. Also, the prints will NOT have the watermark present.

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